Join Me and My Wife Janet on a Walking Tour of Rome with Interactive Map, Videos and Pictures

by Steve Ray on June 18, 2013

It was a great 5-mile tour visiting great churches and historical sites. Enjoy the maps, pictures and videos. Hope you love Jesus and the Church more as a result.

Remember that Rome has over 800 churches and we cannot visit them all in one walking tour 🙂

Click on the image above to join the adventure

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  • Linda DME Mayer says:

    I am currently in Roma! A cousin emailed to tell me that you are here, also. My son John, daughter Kathleen, and her husband James, who are with me, were just talking about you this morning, not realizing that you are here. James was just saying that he wished he could meet you. He evidently saw you last time you were in Rome, but did not want to disturb you. Any possibility of meeting up with you? We are in Rome just down the street from St. Peters Basilica until the morning of June 25.

    I hope you are having a great pilgrimage!

    Sincerely, Linda Mayer

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