2 Jordan: Anjara, Mar Elias, Jerash & Jabbok River

by Steve Ray on November 6, 2022

Our first full day together. Some had arrived early and others at midnight last night. We started out this morning driving north into the mountains of Jordan to visit Anjara where the Blessed Mother and Jesus visited, and we had Mass at Our Lady of the Mountains in front of a statue of Mary that has wept drops of human blood.

From there to Mar Elias (St. Elijah) the birthplace of the Prophet Elijah called Listeb, which was Tishbe of the Bible (1 Kings 17:1). Traditional Jordanian bread and lunch before visiting the magnificent Roman ruins of Jerash, which is a Gerasa of the Bible (Luke 11:26-39).

Our last stop of the day was the Jabbok River where Jacob wrestled with God, in the form of an angel, and received the new name Israel (Gen 32). Nice dinner back at the hotel and to bed early for an exciting day tomorrow.

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