Last Day a Great One

by Steve Ray on May 22, 2010

P1020234I will be posting the two videos from today soon. We had a great day with beeeautiful weather for a walking tour through Rome. We gave people some exercise today and everyone did well.

We started out with a tour of San Clemente with Liz. This is an ancient church with archaeological discoveries below that take us down to first century Rome and a 4th century basilica. Amazing.

While one group did that I took another group to the Martyrdom Church named Santo Stephano Rotundo with all the walls covered with vivid depictions of early martyrs tortured for the faith. A wedding started and I took the next group to the sacred stairs of the Church of Scala Sancta.

Then we had several hours free for lunch and exploring in the old city near the Piazza Navona. Then a walking tour to see the Trevi Fountain, the monument to the Immaculate Conception and the Spanish Steps.

We had a moving Pentecost Mass at Santa Maria in Sopra Minerva — in front of the tomb of St. Catherine of Sienna. It was our family’s 16th anniversary into the Catholic Church!

See the second video below (up soon) to join our amazing Farewell Dinner.

Farewell Dinner

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