Last Day, Assisi back to Rome

by Steve Ray on May 31, 2010

Part I

Part II

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  • M Durner says:

    Dear Steve,

    I have enjoyed this blog SO much while my brother and his wife were in Rome and Assisi with you. I looked forward to the updates every day and couldn’t wait to see where you all had gone and what you had seen that day. I was in Rome and Assisi in 2007 and it was such an amazing pilgrimage and this was like re-living it and then some as you guys went places we didn’t get to. God bless you both for the work you do for God’s people. This blog seems like it is a LOT of work — thanks for doing it. It is so wonderful to keep up with loved ones while they are away, not only to know they are safe but to see them enjoying themselves in the Holy City of Rome. I love your conversion story — I have listened to the tape several times.

    Thank you! God bless.
    Maureen Durner

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