Last Day in Mexico: Xochimilco, Gondola Rides, Village Chapel for Mass and more

by Steve Ray on December 5, 2018

We are all still reeling from the experience as yesterday at Guadalupe. And this being our last day, is more for fun and relaxing before heading back to the United States.

We started the day with a short drive to Xochimilco where we boarded colorfully  painted gondolas and went through the canals being serenaded by mariachi bands and eating corn on the cob.

We spen time strolling through the exotic Village Market selling meat and fish and all sorts of foods and crafts. It was really something to see.

Right in the center of this market is a quaint and highly decorated little chapel where the locals come at noon for Mass and we had our Mass there today. Homily here.

Then everyone had the rest of the day and evening free to get there final shopping done, rest up, pack and get ready to go home tomorrow morning.

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