Legatus Day 5: All Day Bethlehem

by Steve Ray on September 24, 2019

We took our folks to the best olivewood shop in Bethlehem. It has fine quality work and an excellent selection of everything including icons, olivewood, mother of pearl, etc. We also had exclusive access into the birthplace of Christ under the Church of Nativity without waiting in line. Everyone was able to touch the very spot where Jesus was born.

My Talk on the Brief Overvier Biblical History of Bethlehem

We had lunch at the Christmas Tree Restaurant with simple sandwiches and to support to Christian brothers and their struggling business in rough circumstances in Bethlehem. Mass in a cave where the shepherds first heard the good news (homily here).

We ended our time in Bethlehem at the Grotto Restaurant where we ate the Passover Lamb stuffed with Palestinian rice and a local Christian Group of young people who performed traditional Palestinian dances and then invited us to come up and dance with them 🙂

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