Legatus Day 8: Via Dolorosa, Mass on Calvary; Western Wall & Farewells

by Steve Ray on September 27, 2019

We hope you enjoy these two movies of our final day with the Legatus Holy Land pilgrimage. These are a bunch of wonderful folks and we had a very blessed and exciting time together.

The first video is our early morning to carry our crosses on the way to Calvary where we had Mass. After a bit of free time to regroup we went to the Western Wall and discussed a lot about Jewish and biblical history while watching bar Mitzvahs. The afternoon was free for people to do whatever they wanted and explore and there were a lot of options they took.

In the evening we had a great dinner and we had an induction for two new members of Legatus along with lots of farewells and thanks and applause. We hope you enjoy both videos.

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  • Cari Kerr says:

    Janet and Steve are truly amazing people. Their love for our Lord and love to impart truth and knowledge to others is second to none. I will cherish this trip forever and looking forward to the next one with this remarkable couple.

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