Legatus Has Arrived in Israel!

by Steve Ray on October 11, 2009

All is well. Everyone from the Legatus group has arrived safely and all was organized and efficient. We had Mass in a Jewish subdivision of Nazareth in a quaint little Franciscan chapel called the Church of St. Gabriel the Archangel. Our priest and spiritual director is Fr. Vincent Nagle, the secretary for the Patriarch of Jerusalem.

We arrived at the Scots Hotel in Tiberias about 5 PM. Others had arrived earlier. We had a sumptuous dinner and everyone is now in bed. All is well!

Tomorrow we go to the Mount Tabor (Mount of Transfiguration), Cana for wedding vow renewals, lunch in Nazareth and then Mass at the Church of the Annunciation in Nazareth. Stay tuned!


  • Pam McGehee says:

    To Lisa F:
    So happy to see you all arrived safely, and that you weren’t hiding from the camera!! Fr. David offered the F. family up for safe travels at Friday’s Noon Mass. Thinking of you often! You all look so happy and healthy — so glad everyone is well.

    Much love,

  • Kim Cafferty, says:

    Coimment for Mary Ann Cafferty:
    I am very glad to hear that all of you are safely ensconced in the Scots Hotel. Soon, your day will begin, and I am very sorry and imbarrased that I will not be with you in body though I am going to be there with you in spirit (as I am sleeping in Gretna, NE,) as you have the experience of renewing vows with the group. Know that yours truly is intent on being there and doing that with you one day. I guess two weddings for us is just not going to be enough!

    Take a lot of pictures and get someone to snap some of you with the holy land in the background please. I want to see you there!

    Monday I drive to Davenport, Tuesday is Open house there. Wednesday is Open house in Des Moines. I plan to be home in my own bed Weds. night. Gone mon and Tues. Joe will take care of the pets, cows, etc. Nick will check up on them too. We ended up Saturday with 5 inches of snow on the ground! Our kids for clays skeet shooting was a hoot. I got 8 straight, the first 8 and no one else hit even 4. Then for the next two stations after another 16 shots, I hit only ONE! They gave me a good ribbing. In all I hit 43%, Billy hit 72%, Nick was at 38%, Mike 23%, and Matt was 56%. It was cold, snowy and muddy walking, but we all had a great time in spite of it. The snow quit falling about the time we started shooting. It is nearly all gone tonight.

    I made it to church on time and did my reading without a hitch. Came home for a yummy lunch of leftovers. Caught a football game and worked on the cupboard for the Cresh figures, Split some kindling, and cleaned up the kitchen, cat box, et al. This coming week is going to be a blurr. Don’t drink the water! (Just kidding) I remember. All my love! Kim

  • Linda Shaughnessy says:

    For Father John McCormick: We missed you so much on Saturday night! The Harvest Ball went very well, Ybeth Bruzual was a terrific MC and Fr. Miguel did us proud. Thanks so much for all the fundraising you did with your fellow priests. It was such a close moment to see all the residents – a full house now! – walk out to greet everyone. I’ll let you know the numbers when I get some feedback, but I’ve heard only great comments so far and everyone had a wonderful time. Please enjoy your time in that special place and pray for all of us. Tell Barbie and Bob hello too!

  • MaryB Steiss says:

    For Tina and Ramon Poo…Great to see that you arrived safely.. How do you two look so rested after that long flight.

  • Going to try this message again – for Fr. John McCormick – we missed you so very much at the Harvest Ball on Saturday night, but how wonderful that you are in the most place in the world. The Harvest Ball went so well; it was such a special, close moment when all of the residents walked in – can’t believe we are full! Everyone had a wonderful time and Fr. Miguel did us proud! Ybeth Bruzal was a terrific MC and what a sweet lady and Catholic to boot! Thanks so much for ALL that you did to make the event successful!
    Tell the Carusos and Delleckers hello for all of us. We are all watching your progress on the link and Maria and I got goose bumps watching the renewal of vows and the Church of the Annunciation. Please pray for all of us here!

  • nancy Moist says:

    Padre McCormick, all is well and very cold in Conneticut-glad to see you arrived ssafely, have a wonderful time and God bless! Nancy

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