Leipzig Germany: Luther-Eck Debate and Bach’s Greatest Works

by Steve Ray on September 10, 2017

Tour of historic Leipzig where The 20 day debate between Luther and Eck took place – a debate st which Luther fared poorly.

It was here also that Johann Sebastian Bach did most of his creative work. Started the day with a reverent Mass and great homily well worth your time (Part 1 and Part 2) and Steve’s impassioned talk on the reason and need for ONE UNIFIED CHURCH (included in video below).

Excellent local guides took us on an intimate tour of their city. Afternoon was free and we had an exquisite dinner in the most popular and historic restaurant in Leipzig.


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  • Joan Jasper says:

    I thought I heard you had a trip, in spring going to Italy, on sacred Heart radio, in cincinnati, Ohio. Do you go to Medjugorje to . Or Italy and medjugorie combination. I heard little house of loretto is part of trip……

    STEVE RAY HERE: We do have a trip going from north to south in Italy in April 2018. It is called The Saints and Shrines of Italy. Because This Trip Is so Extensive and Cover so Much We Are Unable to Add Any Other Side Trips. You can see all her pilgrimages at http://www.footprintsofgod.com

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