Lufthansa has Landed!

by Steve Ray on March 10, 2007

To update family and friends of our Holy Land pilgrims — the Detroit group on Lufthansa has landed. We are gathering them and will soon board Bus #2 for Nof Ginosar in Galilee. The Group on Bus #1 is settled in at the kibbutz hotel on the shore resting up. Everything going perfectly as planned!

Uploaded to blog from my HP iPAQ handheld.


  • Chuck Weber says:

    Thank you for the update…this is great and MUCH appreciated. Our prayers are with you all! Peace.

  • Joseph Gates says:

    Thank You for the update it’s good to hear that everyone arrived safely. Tell Kim and William to have the time their lives! Peace and Blessings.

  • Fay Jones and Art Wickstrom says:

    We are so glad that you made it there safely. I hope that all of you will be well rested. Hello to Judy and Joe Christie. We are praying for you.

  • Angela Weber says:

    Thanks for the updates. We love it. Say hello to Lois Ann and Jerry Weber for me. Love ya, Angela

  • Tricia Mc Lumpiesz says:

    Glad to hear everyone made it ok!… Please tell Karen McGrath & friends Hello from her kids!!

  • witt family says:

    Teresa Witt

    Happy to hear you arrived safe and sound. Southwestern beat powers 70-67.


    Witt boys and Meredith

  • Jim & Marijane says:

    Glad to hear you made it Terri, you and the entire group will be in our thoughts and prayers as you make this wonderful journey.

  • Peggy Wrona says:

    Hi Dianne and Karen,

    I’ll be following with great delight and enthusiasm and I wish I could have joined the two of you in this journey. Perhaps next time – with my new husband. May God bless you both on your journey. Make it safe and have fun.

    love, Peggy

  • Michael Fons says:

    Gabriel Richard won 64 -60 at Districts. They are in Regionals on Tuesday (U.S. Time)

    God bless you all.

  • Stapleton Family says:

    Glad to hear all is well.

  • Canice (Weber) Treangen says:

    Thanks for the update; so happy the arrival went smoothly. God’s speed to Jerry and Lois Ann Weber and you all!

  • Vivian Larson says:

    Following closely as an armchair traveler! Enjoy and keep everyone safe and happy!
    Love to Dee McNosky from Mom.

  • Betty Crowther says:

    Love you, Michele and Alan. Hope your pilgrimage is all you dreamed it would be.


  • Mom Dad Cindy Goggins says:

    We love you Terri Witt MOM DAD Cindy

    Wave To us we are watching daily

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