Luther Defies Rome, Splits the Church at ” Diet of Worms”. Germany Day 8

by Steve Ray on September 14, 2017

Today we visited the city of Worms Germany where Martin Luther was called before the “Diet” or Tribunal of the Holy Roman Empire at the “Diet of Worms” in 1521.

I know that sounds funny and kind of disgusting but a “diet” was a tribunal and it was held in the city of Worms in Germany. We celebrated Mass there at the Church of Our Lady (Homily Part 1 and last 2 1/2 minutes of homily here).

We visited that site today and learned more about Luther from Ken and other conversion stories and had fun along the way. Klara our guide told us her story of growing up atheist in Communist Czechoslovakia and recently discovered the Catholic Church.

On the way back to our hotel we drove along the beautiful Rhine River with all of the vineyards and mountains and castles.

We also had our farewell dinner tonight with lots of comments and laughter and fun.

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