Mary, Ark of the New Covenant

by Steve Ray on February 23, 2011

Yesterday and today in Bombay I talked about Mary’s visit to Ein Kerem where she visited her relative Elizabeth. We just visited Ein Kerem again with our group a week ago. Here we pray the 2nd Joyful Mystery of the Rosary and I explain St. Luke’s incredibly insightful description of this event. Since you will miss my explanation given on location here is Israel, I will put up a short audio clip of my brief description of Mary as the Ark of the New Testament. Click on the link below.

mp3 Mary, Ark of the (New) Covenant 6:11 min 1.06Mb

Here is my article on Mary the New Ark, and here is my collection of what the early Christian taught on Mary the Ark.

Now, notice the two pictures below: Do you notice the parallels? What is similar to each picture?


First, the glory of God is revealed “above” both arks (the Gold Box and Mary).

In the first, the glory is revealed as the Shekinah Glory Cloud; in the second, the glory of God is revealed in his Son Jesus Christ, God Incarnate.

Do we worship the Ark? No, of course not! Jews didn’t worship the Old Ark, nor do Catholics worship the New Ark. Jews did not worship the box and Catholics do not worship Mary. Jews worshiped what was ABOVE the box — which was the presence of God; Catholics worship what is above the Ark, that which is sitting in Mary’s lap. Both Jews and Catholics venerate and appreciate the ark, but the worship is reserved for what it contains and reveals.

Earlier blog on Mary the Ark here.


  • Jae says:

    Hey Steve,

    I read your entire articles about Mary as the Ark of the New Covenant and Mary as the New Eve. Oh man it really blew me away! I had some similar ideas about Mary as the New Ark but the way you described and explained from the scriptures really was a scholarly work and when i copied it and sent to my protestant friends they were astounded and never write anything degrading against her anymore.

    Defend our Mother! thanks Steve for a wonderful work, stay in humility with Jesus and He will show you more!

  • joseph says:

    Also in the Litany of our lady , its has a prayer .. Ark of the covenant – Pray for us
    Just struck me now that this is the meaning..

  • Denise Braganza says:

    Hello Steve,

    Attended your 3 day workshop in Mumbai and heard with awe as you spoke about the New Arc of the convenant. I am truly amazed and thank you abundantly for the 3 days I spend at the seminar ; this has brought me closer to God and enriched and deepened my faith making me appreciate my Catholic Faith that I was born into. God Bless you, Janet and your family.

  • Fabulous pictures & nice blog!

  • Jennifer Cattel says:

    Hi Mom & Dad (Mary & Tony)! It looks like you guys are having a wonderful time and seeing so many fascinating places. I’m sure mom was in heaven shopping yesterday! I saw you on the video carrying a bag…just one or was dad carrying the rest for you? Just kidding! Thomas & Kaylee want you to know they miss you so much and they can’t wait to see you. We all miss you and love you! Love, Jennifer, Tom, Thomas & Kaylee and the baby.

  • Dennis Buhay says:

    Yo 2006NAB it is 2 degrees here, in Melvindale, Michigan this morning. We have 6 Funerals today. Hope you are having fun.

  • Dennis Buhay says:

    NICHOLAS BUHAY YOUR MY HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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