Mass at Tomb, Running Around Jerusalem, Bethlehem

by Steve Ray on April 6, 2010

We always arrive a few days before our pilgrims. We have 38 people from across America arriving on Thursday and beforehand we are here exploring, visiting friends, running, worshiping and getting everything ready.

Here is a short video of our first two days. We went to Mass on Monday, the morning after Easter. We had Mass INSIDE the tomb of Christ.

Later I ran around the walls of the Old City and hit many of the holy sites and took pictures for your enjoyment and learning — and awe of our Lord and this land.

Today we visited Bethlehem and went to the Carmelite Monastery with the relics and property of Blessed Mary of Jesus Crucified. Janet had read about her in India so we went to visit and were able to talk with one of the cloistered nuns. It made Janet’s day!

Enjoy the video and stay tuned for more starting Thursday as we post daily videos of the pilgrimage so you can JOIN US on a Virtual Pilgrimage.

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