Mass on Calvary followed by Mass IN the Tomb! Wow! Via Dolorosa, Birthplace of Mary, Western Wall, Meeting with the Bishop of Jerusalem and more

by Steve Ray on May 7, 2013

It was a rich day, very full. It started with a wake-up call at 4:15 so we could leave at 4:45. Everyone thanked us later 🙂

The streets of Jerusalem are like a huge flea market with all the crowds and hustle and bustle. Sometimes you can hardly move. It is much better to pray the Stations of the Cross along the Via Dolorosa when the streets are abandoned. We arrive at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre while it is still empty (during the day it is wall-to-wall people).

We arrived to have Mass at the top of Calvary. When finished I checked the Franciscans and the group that was scheduled to have Mass in the Tomb of Christ never showed up so we got the slot and our whole group had Mass INSIDE the Tomb of Christ. Everyone touched the stone and prayed.

Our group picture was next on our way back to the Notre Dame for breakfast. After re-couping from the early morning start we visited St. Ann’s which is the birthplace of Mary and the location of the Pools of Bethesda where Jesus cured a crippled man.

Then to the Western Wall to pray and learn the history and biblical significance of this site, the most holy for Jews in the world.

The Holy Shroud Exhibit is not to be missed then free time in the afternoon, a personal meeting with the Bishop of Jerusalem, confession available and a free evening.


Everyone loves the comments. Keep them coming!

Part I: Via Dolorosa, Mass at Calvary, Mass at the Tomb

Part II: All the other Great Events of the Day


  • Rhonda Grabinski says:

    Susan Rositch and traveling companions:
    First – thank you for the wonderful videos – it almost seems like we are there with you!
    I have been running a song through my head since you left on your pilgrimage. I sang this at a solo and ensemble festival my junior year of high school, 41 yrs ago. Wish I could sing it for you but these are the lyrics:
    I walked today where Jesus walked, in days of long ago:
    I wandered down each path He knew, with reverent step and slow.
    Those little lanes, they have not changed, a sweet peace fills the air.
    I walked today where Jesus walked and felt His presence there.
    My pathway led to Bethlem, Ah! memories ever sweet:
    The little hills of Galilee, that knew those childish feet:
    The Mount of Olives hallowed scenes that Jesus knew before:
    I saw the mighty Jordan roll as in the days of yore.
    I knelt today where Jesus knelt, where all alone He prayed;
    The Garden of Gethsemane – my heart felt unafraid!
    I picked my heavy burden up and with Him by my side
    I climbed the Hill of Calvary, I climbed the Hill of Calvary,
    I climbed the Hill of Calvary, where on the Cross He died.
    I walked today where Jesus walked and felt Him close to me!

    Poem by Daniel S. Twohig – put to music by Geoffry O’Hara – Published by G. Schirmer, NewYork/London.
    Praying for all of you,
    Rhonda Grabinski

  • Scott McKinney says:

    Mom and Dad (Judy and Harold),

    I thought the stops in today’s video were exceptionally meaningful. How wonderful to be able to walk the real stations of the cross and visit Calvary. Looking forward to having you home soon, but glad you are experiencing this plimgrimage. God bless,


  • Tessie Phillips says:

    Tommy, Libby, and Margaret,

    I can’t believe what beautiful, sunny weather you are having each day–a lot like here in West Virginia. Just kidding!! But we are getting some much-needed rain that we have been praying for, for the garden.

    Beautiful photo of you, Tommy and Libby, (in front of the statue) and also of the whole group on the steps–a shot I’m sure you would all prize for years to come.

    See you tomorrow.

    Love and prayers, Tessie

  • Libby Shortner says:

    What a spectacular day you’ve had! Any one of those activities would be awesome in and of itself, but when strung together, I can only imagine that it was absolutely breathtaking! I’m so excited for you. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. It’s so nice to see glimpses into your journey and the joy you’re all exuding.

    Love and prayers,

  • Joe Grabinski says:

    To sister Sue and all of her travelling companions,

    I wanted to add a little comment about the song that Rhonda posted above. It has always been one of her favorites. When she sang it years ago at the music ensemble, the judges awarded her a #1 in the competition. One of the judges told her afterward that he NEVER awards a #1 unless the singer gives him goose bumps. He then added, “And you, young lady, not only gave me goose bumps, but you touched my soul!” I felt the same way, especially thinking of all of you, and how fortunate you are to be “walking where Jesus walked”.

    Again, further compliments to Robyn Lee in the extra notes she provided about yesterdays experiences. Wonderful article, Robyn!


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