Mass with the Local Christians in Jerusalem

by Steve Ray on January 26, 2014

Local Catholic Palestinian Family from Jerusalem

Wonder what it is like to join the local Christians for Sunday morning Mass in the Holy Land? Well, now you will know. As is our pleasurable habit, Janet and I arrive a little ahead of our pilgrimage group to make sure everything is set and ready for their arrival. 

Today we joined the local Christians for Mass at their local parish St. Xavier’s inside the Old City walls of Jerusalem. Again it demonstrates the beauty of the Universal Church and the sacred liturgy that is prayed the same around the world. Two weeks ago I shared our Mass with Africans in Istanbul, today Palestinians in Jerusalem.

I hope you enjoy this little snippet and that you pray for them and support them. They are only 1.5% of the population in the Holy Land and life is very difficult for the here. They need our prayers and support.


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  • Alex Abboud says:

    Very beautiful I am from Lebanon it reminds me of mass here the songs and all by the way at 3:52 on the paper is written in arabic the prayer We fly to thy protection,
    O holy Mother of God.
    Despise not our petitions
    in our necessities,
    but deliver us always
    from all dangers
    O glorious and blessed Virgin.

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