Mexico: Why NOT to go and Why TO Go

by Steve Ray on September 24, 2018

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 9.48.54 AMMontezuma’s Revenge, drug cartels, filthy country, not safe…

These are some of the perceived reasons not to go. Understood. It is a common perception from listening to the mainstream news. They don’t tell you the good things, only the sensational.

IMG_2994Even in the United States, which is a very safe country to visit, there are places you don’t want to go – areas of New York, Detroit, the feces-ridden sections of San Francisco, and the murder capital city of Chicago. But that does not stop us from living in this country or others from traveling to tour the USA.

Mexico is the same. There are fantastically beautiful, historical, Catholic areas to visit and there are places to avoid. Our trips to Mexico are arranged to avoid all the questionable areas and we go nowhere near them.


The country of Mexico, in general, is a fantastic and exciting country full of gorgeous historical churches, the BEST restaurants, and hotels of any of our pilgrimages. Where we go it is clean, some of the cleanest parts of the world we have ever seen.

The people are exceptionally friendly people, the landscapes exotic and stunning including an active volcano, ancient pyramids, Aztec Temples — with great talks, Masses and learning along the way.


Our guide is a Catholic historian and our escort and driver know the country like you know your backyard. They know how to keep you safe and give you a marvelous pilgrimage.

Don’t let fear stop you!

Oh, and about Montezuma’s Revenge — we have bottled water for you all along the say. One more nice thing — no jetlag since it is in Central Time.

And best of all, you get to visit Guadalupe, celebrate Mass in front of the Tilma and have a free afternoon to pray and explore the site. This apparition brought about the conversion of 8,000,000 people in two generations!


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