Catholic Heritage of Mexico 2018 with Guadalupe and more

26 November 2018 to 05 December 2018


You can watch the full length Pilgrimage below or download it here.


Why Visit Mexico? Why Visit Guadalupe? Is it Safe? Join us!

Let’s deal with the big issue first: IS IT SAFE?

First, we would never take pilgrims anywhere that is not safe. We have done this tour of Mexico a number of times and it has always been perfectly clean, safe and friendly. There is a lot of bad news in the media about Mexico, but every country has bad areas.

Second, we do not go anywhere near areas that are the least bit a problem. We have the best of guides and agents who know the country well and we are in very good hands. So YES, it is safe – and clean.

We stay in unbelievable amazing hotels and eat some of the best good that we have on any of our pilgrimages.

Mexico is an amazing country, with a fascinating history. It also has extremely friendly people, a vibrant Catholicism and some of the best hotels and restaurants we have ever visited. Christianity first came to Mexico’s shores and we renew our baptismal vows in the first baptismal font in the New World which was brought from Spain by Cortez.

We will discuss the Cristeros and the problems the Mexican people faced when their religious liberty was stripped from them. You will be proud to be Catholic when you understand the story of Mexico, see the sites and meet the local Catholics.

We spend time at Guadalupe with a professional tour, Mass in front of the Tilma and free time to pray and wander the grounds. We also visit the magnificent Cathedral in Mexico City, the Pyramids of Teotihuacan and the Aztec Temples. At each site we relate everything to our Catholic faith.

We visit the Orchestra Hall in Mexico City which houses the famous painting of Atheist, Marxist Diego Rivera. It is entitled,
Man, the Controller of the Universe.” Steve will debate him in front of his mural. Fascinating! This is truly a fun, diverse, safe and exciting cultural and Catholic adventure. Below see pictures of the Pyramids and the gondola rides in Xochimilco.

To watch a 15 minute video of each day from our last trip to Mexico, click here and scroll down for the videos.

To see our interactive map and itinerary, click here.

To see the brochure for December, click here.

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Mexico: Why NOT to go and Why TO Go

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 9.48.54 AMMontezuma’s Revenge, drug cartels, filthy country, not safe…

These are some of the perceived reasons not to go. Understood. It is a common perception from listening to the mainstream news. They don’t tell you the good things, only the sensational.

IMG_2994Even in the United States, which is a very safe country to visit, there are places you don’t want to go – areas of New York, Detroit, the feces-ridden sections of San Francisco, and the murder capital city of Chicago. But that does not stop us from living in this country or others from traveling to tour the USA.

Mexico is the same. There are fantastically beautiful, historical, Catholic areas to visit and there are places to avoid. Our trips to Mexico are arranged to avoid all the questionable areas and we go nowhere near them.


The country of Mexico, in general, is a fantastic and exciting country full of gorgeous historical churches, the BEST restaurants, and hotels of any of our pilgrimages. Where we go it is clean, some of the cleanest parts of the world we have ever seen.

The people are exceptionally friendly people, the landscapes exotic and stunning including an active volcano, ancient pyramids, Aztec Temples — with great talks, Masses and learning along the way.


Our guide is a Catholic historian and our escort and driver know the country like you know your backyard. They know how to keep you safe and give you a marvelous pilgrimage.

Don’t let fear stop you!

Oh, and about Montezuma’s Revenge — we have bottled water for you all along the say. One more nice thing — no jetlag since it is in Central Time.

And best of all, you get to visit Guadalupe, celebrate Mass in front of the Tilma and have a free afternoon to pray and explore the site. This apparition brought about the conversion of 8,000,000 people in two generations!


Check out our Mexico Pilgrimage page with our Interactive Map. Watch videos from our last trip here (scroll down to the bottom) and see here what our last group of Mexico pilgrims said about the experience.


First Surprising Day in Mexico!

I say “surprising” because most people in the United States consider Mexico to be dangerous, dirty, unfriendly and they might even get kinapped or acquire Montezuma’s revenge.

This is old thinking because Mexico, at least the places were visiting, is clean, safe, friendly, very Catholic and has some of the best hotels and restaurants that we use on any of our pilgrimages. And no one has ever gotten Montezuma’s revenge on our trips here because we’re careful.

Enjoy the movie of today all the way from the airplane up to Querétaro. We ended our day at the Hacienda Americana Galindo.

After a great dinner we celebrated Mass in the chapel here and Fr. James Conlon gave one of his excellent homilies, this time on what a pilgrimage is and how people should prepare for one. You can hear/watch that homily here.

Good night from  Mexico!

Querétaro Mexico - Fascinating Day

People have no idea how marvelous Mexico is. All of our folks are having a fantastic time in this friendly, peaceful, Catholic and beautiful country.

Enjoy Fr. James’ great homily and our whole day in Querétaro Mexico!

Mexico Day 3: San Miguel (St. Michael) de Allende and Atotonilco Sanctuary

I wish we had Catholic cities like this in the United States. San Miguel de Allende is full of churches and convents and generous kind people. We took an amazing walking tour through the city learning many of the secrets and surprises of the present and the past.

Then we went to the Sanctuary at Atotonilco which is a church that has tens of thousands of Mexicans come for prayer and the Saint Ignatius exercises every year. You won’t believe the paintings and the intricate story of the life of Christ on the walls and ceiling’s and even a three dimensional Passion.

We had another wonderful Mass here and you can hear/see the excellent homily of Fr. James here. Enjoy!

Mexico Day 4: From San Miguel to Puebla

Lot of time on the comfortable bus today but it was very profitable and fun. We watched the movie “For Greater Glory” about the Cristeros from 100 years ago and their courageous fight against the anti-Catholic Mexican government.

It brought tears to everyone’s eyes. It was especially moving knowing we were in the very part of the country where these battles and martyrdoms took place.

We prayed the Rosary, stopped at a couple places along the way and took a nap. We had Mass in front of the incorrupt body of the Blessed Sebastian de Aparicio. Fr. James’ homily is here.

We settled in at the Quinta Real Hotel which was a a convent 500 years ago. We ended with a great dinner in the courtyard and all had a early night to bed.

Touring Amazing Puebla, Cathedral, Rosary Chapel, Cooking Class and more...

We started this very event full day with a walking tour of Puebla. What a beautiful and historic and Catholics city. A highlight or certainly they magnificent Cathedral.

Our lunch was exquisite with tortilla soup and some appetizers we can’t even describe. The fillet mignon with a local Puebla sauce was unbelievable.

We had Mass and prayed the Rosary in — what everyone agreed was — the most beautiful chapel they had ever been in. One pilgrim he had been to Rome many times but have never, ever seen a chapel like this.

PART TWO: Mass at the Rosary Chapel.
Fr. Jame’s homily here.

Toured more of Puebla and ended with a very fun cooking class. We learned how make the classic and most popular Mexican sauce mole ( pronounced “mo-lé”).

The rest of the day was free for exploring, shopping and eating and one of the fine restaurants here in the downtown area. Enjoy!



Aztecs, Human Sacrifice and the Catholic Faith

image007 Today we visited the Aztec Temple in Mexico City. The cathedral of Mexico City was built right next to the 500-year temple.

I did a lot of study on the Aztecs and their massive human sacrifices and cannibalism. I realized there was a great tie-in with the Catholic faith, the sacrifice of Christ and abortion which is also human sacrifice. I share the history and my discoveries in this short video on location.

Mexico 6: Climbing Pyramids, Eating Ant Larvae, First Baptismal Font in New World and more

Tlaxcala for Mass and renewing baptismal vows in Cortez’s don’t from 1520. Fr. Jame’s homily and whole baptismal renewal here.

Lunch in a La Gruta, an underground cave. Great food including ant eggs and larvae. Climbing the Teotihuacán Pyramids and arrival in Mexico City.



Mexico City: Cathedral, Aztecs and Human Sacrifice, Miguel Pro

Walking tour of Mexico City starting with the magnificent Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is the oldest, largest and most important cathedral in Latin America. We had Mass here and Fr. James’ homily is here.

To demonstrate that Christianity conquers paganism, the cathedral was built atop the Great Aztec Temple where untold of thousands of humans were sacrificed. I gave my talk about this gruesome practice and compared it with abortion. I also made a point that the impulse for human sacrifice made it easy to lead the indigenous peoples to an understanding of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and the Eucharist.

After an hour at the vast Mercado Market we visited the Church of the Holy Family to venerate the relics of the Cristero’s priest and martyr Blessed Miguel Pro and to learn his story. Evening was free.



Guadalupe All Day! Day 8 of our Mexico Pilgrimage

Today is the pinnacle of our pilgrimage through Mexico. We started in the outlying areas learning the history, culture, and backdrop for the Catholic heritage of Mexico. We learned of the first Spanish missionaries who came, the first baptisms and the Mass conversions due to Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Our guide Roberto is a wealth of knowledge, a devout Catholic and an amazing historian. He has been able to clearly relay the history of Mexico and the foundations of the Catholic Church here with great clarity and enthusiasm.

Now today, everything culminates with a visit to Our Lady of Guadalupe, which is the most visited Catholic shrine in the world. Over 20,000,000 people come to visit Guadalupe each year. Even as we’re driving in the streets today and the highways we see processions of people walking and riding bikes and taking buses to be at Guadalupe for December 12.

We started the day by going straight to see the Tilma with the image of Our Lady before the crowds arrived. What an amazing time — I could see it in the faces of the pilgrims.

Then Roberto took us on a tour of the whole shrine. We had Mass in front of the Tilma with Mary’s image. Fr. James Conlon’s homily is here.

Then a “delicioso” lunch just outside the shrine. Then everyone had the rest of the afternoon free to pray, explore and enjoy Guadalupe! Enjoy!

Last Day in Mexico: Xochimilco, Gondola Rides, Village Chapel for Mass and more

We are all still reeling from the experience as yesterday at Guadalupe. And this being our last day, is more for fun and relaxing before heading back to the United States.

We started the day with a short drive to Xochimilco where we boarded colorfully  painted gondolas and went through the canals being serenaded by mariachi bands and eating corn on the cob.

We spen time strolling through the exotic Village Market selling meat and fish and all sorts of foods and crafts. It was really something to see.

Right in the center of this market is a quaint and highly decorated little chapel where the locals come at noon for Mass and we had our Mass there today. Homily here.

Then everyone had the rest of the day and evening free to get there final shopping done, rest up, pack and get ready to go home tomorrow morning.

Farewells & Comments from Amazing Mexico!

It’s always sad to say goodbye to people after being with them 9 or 10 days. This pilgrimage through Mexico went flawlessly. We emphasized Guadalupe and the Catholic heritage of this land but also the cultural, historical, and fun aspects. We enjoyed the close contact and fellowship with the Mexican people .

Everyone had a great time and the fears that Americans tend to have, and the preconceived ideas of what Mexico is like, were all blown to pieces. Mexico is a beautiful, safe, clean and Catholic country.

Here are the comments and thoughts as shared by the pilgrims.

About the Pilgrimage

Dear Miranda (Corporate Travel and Steve Ray) –

Your email was a lovely gift to receive upon our return home late last night. We really appreciate the photos, email list, and info from Roberto.

This pilgrimage was beautiful and inspiring. And, in the style that Steve is known for, it was also elegant and filled with many exceptional meals of local cuisine. Most of all, though, the visit to the shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe encouraged and comforted me in my faith, at a time in our Church when there is so much that is trying to pull us down. I never for a moment felt unsafe. On the contrary, I felt God’s love.

Thank you for your part in this memorable trip,



We will be joined by one of our favorite priests, Fr. James Conlon who has been a chaplain on many of our pilgrimages.

See my blog: Mexico: Why NOT to go and Why TO Go.


Some people worry about safety in Mexico, but traveling in a group with a charter bus and very knowledgeable local guide and escort, I assure you, Mexico City is safer than many major tourist destinations in the U.S. We have done this trip before with no problems and a sense of safety in a very modern part of Mexico.

One of the three great Marian apparitions, Guadalupe is OURS, centering on the Western hemisphere. We will spend a whole day in Guadalupe with a guided tour and Mass in the morning with the afternoon free to pray and explore.

This is a 10-day exciting, jam-packed pilgrimage and tour of Mexico. Not just a few days at Guadalupe! Explore and immerse yourself in the amazing faith of the Mexican people.

It would be a shame to come all the way down to Mexico City and not see everything else this amazing country has to offer Catholic pilgrims. We will spend time seeing the sites in the city with Mass at the cathedral, seeing the old Aztec Temples and discussing their religion of human sacrifice, relating it our own culture today.

We will also travel into the countryside to visit the ancient pyramids, renew baptismal vows in the oldest baptismal font in the Americas that goes back to Cortez. Visiting San Miguel and Puebla and the beautiful countryside and the historical churches. We will also renew our baptismal vows in the first holy water font in the New World brought by Cortez in 1519.

We will discuss at length the suffering and trials of the Mexican Catholics and the impact of the Cristeros. Boats on teh canals, arguing with the atheistic murals of Diego Rivera, walking through exotic markets, taking cooking lessons and eating the finest food Mexico has to offer.

This is a safe trip. The areas we tour are wonderful, free of danger and clean and friendly.

Footprints of God
0 days | 9 nights

 Day 1: Departure | Mexico City | Querétaro

Depart the USA today for Mexico City. Arrive at the Mexico International Airport, clear customs. Please arrange flights to arrive by 11:00 am CST. The group will then transfer at 12:00 pm to Hacienda Fiesta Americana Galindo given by Cortez to La Malinche in the 16th century outside Mexico City. Celebrate Mass in the hacienda chapel followed by a special Welcome Dinner. Overnight in Querétaro. (D)

Day 2: Querétaro | San Miguel de Allende

This morning tour the central region of the country, beginning in Queretaro. The city is a UNESCO world heritage site and known for its famous aqueduct, an impressive structure with a charming history. Enjoy a city trolley tour highlighting the historic downtown Queretaro. Enjoy a traditional regional lunch at Meson Chucho el Roto Restaurant. This afternoon visit the stately Church and Convent of Santa Cruz where the miraculous Tree Cross grows. Also see the Church of St. Clare of Assisi. Celebrate Mass. Depart for overnight at Hotel Rosewood in San Miguel Allende. Elegant tapas on the roof of the hotel for dinner (CB|L|D)

Day 3: San Miguel de Allende | Sanctuary Of Atotonilco

Today visit the Neo-Gothic Cathedral of San Miguel followed by visits to the downtown churches including Oratory of St. Philip Neri, Our Lady of Good Health, and the Church of the Immaculate Conception. Leisure time and lunch on your own. Visit to the unique and awe-inspiring church of Atontonilco, covered in frescoes, hand-painted by Fr. Luis Felipe Neri. Celebrate Mass here and then return to San Miguel de Allende for free time. Nice walk to dinner on the roof of El Palomar Restaurant and overnight at Hotel Rosewood in San Miguel de Allende. (CB |D).

Day 4: San Miguel de Allende | Puebla

Today depart for the colonial city of Puebla known as the City of Angels. Enroute, take in the views of Mexico’s beautiful countryside and mountains, including the nearby active volcano, Popocatepetl. Watch historical movies including For Greater Glory. Lunch at roadside restaurant along the way. Celebrate Mass at San Francisco Church. Arrive in Puebla, a UNESCO World Heritage City. Dinner in the courtyard and overnight at Quinta Real (old convent). (CB|D)

Day 5: Puebla

Venture to Santo Domingo Church with its magnificent Rosary Chapel where the group will pray the rosary. This chapel, completed in 1690, is covered in gilded tiles, fine woodcarvings and magnificent stuccoes. Lunch at Entre Tierras. Continue on to the Church of San Francisco and learn the story of Blessed Sebastian de la Aparicio and view his incorrupt body. Celebrate Mass at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. This afternoon, enjoy a special cooking class and learn how to make the traditional Mexican dish of mole. Overnight and dinner in courtyard at Quinta Real in Puebla. (CB|L|D)

Day 6: Puebla | Tlaxcala | Pyramids | Mexico City

Today depart Puebla for the town of Tlaxcala. Celebrate Mass at St Francis Church where the group will renew their baptismal vows at the 1st Baptismal font in the New World brought by Cortez in 1520. Continue on for a ½ day tour of the 2,000 year old Teotihuacan pyramids which are among the most remarkable in Mexico. Lunch in the La Gruta Caves. This afternoon, arrive in Mexico City. Check into your hotel with free time to explore the open-air markets and beautiful neighborhoods. Dinner on your own and overnight in Hilton Hotel in Mexico City. (CB|L)

Day 7: Mexico City

This morning visit the Metropolitan Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary in Mexico City, the oldest and largest Cathedral in the Americas. Celebrate Mass at Cathedral. After Mass, see the famous Diego Rivera murals at the Opera House where Steve will debate the Marxist Atheist Diego Rivera (through is art). Lunch at Casa de las Sirenas. Then, visit the Church of the Holy Family to venerate the tomb of Blessed Miguel Pro, a priest martyr of the Cristero War. Visit the Zocolo to see the Aztec Temple (Templo Mayor) where Steve will give his talk on the Aztec Religion. Visit the Royal Palace. Also enjoy time at the fantastic Mercado. Dinner on your own and overnight at Hilton Hotel in Mexico City. (CB|L)

Day 8: Mexico City | Guadalupe

Today is the highlight of the pilgrimage as the group visits the most celebrated Marian apparition site in the world, the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Tour the basilica, see the famous Tilma, and visit the surrounding areas including the Old Guadalupe Shrine. Learn the story of Juan Diego and the miraculous story of conversion, healing, and the lasting sign of Our Lady’s fidelity to the Mexican people. Time for prayer in addition to the celebration of Mass. Lunch at Monte Cristo Restaurant. Free afternoon to explore the basilica grounds and chapels, climb to the chapel on Tepeyac Hill, partake in personal devotions or return to the hotel. Dinner on our own. Overnight at Hilton Hotel in Mexico City. (CB|L)

Day 9: Mexico City | Xochimilco

This morning depart for Xochimilco to enjoy a boat ride to see the famous hanging gardens of Xochimilco. Visit the 16th century Monastery of San Bernardino. Free time to explore the quaint open air market followed by Mass at the colorful local chapel in marketplace. Enjoy lunch at Hacienda de Tlalpan, then return to Mexico City. Free time in the late afternoon. Simple farewell dinner at Hilton Hotel and overnight at Hilton Hotel in Mexico City. (CB|L|D)

Day 10: Departure

Depart today for the Mexico International Airport for your return flights to the USA (please arrange flights after 12:00 pm to join the group transfer to the airport).

CB-Continental Breakfast L-Lunch D-Dinner

*Itinerary as presented is subject to final confirmation