More Migrant Catholics in Israel than Locals

by Steve Ray on April 13, 2010

Catholic migrant workers outnumber Palestinian Catholics in Israeli population

The number of Catholics living in Israel is climbing steadily as new immigrants arrive from other countries, mostly in Asia and eastern Europe. An estimated 50,000 Catholic immigrants are now working with 5-year residency permits; they easily outnumber the 27,000 Palestinian Catholics remaining in Israel.

I find this very interesting, especially since I am here right now. Looking into what we can do for them as far as Mass, teaching, supporting, etc. Hum! I know the priest in charge of 3,000 Filipino workers and I am offering to do conferences for them.

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  • Mrs. Feist says:

    Hi Max and Verna Family,

    We miss you but know that you are having a great time. I couldn’t find any blogs from you, so I just typed under the first post listed. I hope you will be able to find this. Right now, your classmates are taking a Science test. (you will be taking it when you come back….don’t worry, it is open book) Confirmation practice is tomorrow. I am sure you will be sooooo ready for Confirmation when you come back. Other then that, same old, same old. Please write and tell us what you have been doing during your days. I would like to share it with the class. Have Fun!!

    Mrs. Feist

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