My 11-mile Biblical Run from Bethsaida to Kursi

by Steve Ray on October 28, 2011

Today I embarked on another segment of my extended run around the Sea of Galilee. After this run from Bethsaida (home of Peter, Andrew and Philip) to Kursi (where Jesus cast the demons from the Gadarene man into a herd of pigs), I am now more than halfway around the Sea.

Today it was 80 degrees and I still have a sore left knee but I took off on the adventure full of vim and vigor, ready to live the Bible in the Holy Land. I imagined Jesus and his disciples walking along the road talking, seeing the same things I was seeing, hearing the same birds. I imagined them talking and laughing and having fun together at times, and very serious and tired at other times. They were certainly manly men.

I hit three biblical sites: Bethsaida the fishing village mentioned 7 times in the gospels; the site of the multiplication of loaves and fish in John 6 on the eastern shore of Galilee, and Kursi where he delivered the demoniac.

The last pictures of the site of Multiplication of Loaves and Fish should really be earlier in the sequence of pictures – immediately following the sign for Tel Hadar. I had to find the stone later which they had moved from the site I last saw it. But at least I got the stone overlooking the sea, marking the place of the miracle.

See the map, videos and pictures HERE.

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