My Run North and South thru All Jerusalem on the Sabbath

by Steve Ray on May 12, 2012

Click on this image to see maps, videos, pictures and the story

It was a beautiful Sabbath. No traffic. Jews, Muslims, Christians all out walking. Children everywhere. I walked briskly (until my knee surgery later this month) for 9 miles from north to south. I followed the light rail train track through the city.

I started at Notre Dame near the Old City and the Tomb of Christ north. Once I got the the end I took a taxi to the far south point of the rail and walked north back to the Notre Dame Hotel. It was a delightful walk and I wish all of you could have joined me. Enjoy!

Click on the map and picture to see the whole run with videos, maps, pictures and the story.

Not running today because it is the Sabbath

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