News Flash! Ignatius Press Pilgrimage

by Steve Ray on September 21, 2008

Fr. Mark Mary of EWTN’s “Life on the Rock” will be joining us as a spiritual director on our upcoming Holy Land pilgrimage in November. Steve and Janet organized adn will lead this pilgrimage through their company Footprints of God pilgrimages.

This trip is to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Ignatius Press. Most of the Ignatius staff will be on the trip including President Mark Brumley and CFO and Marketing Executive Tony Ryan. Best selling author and Jewish convert Roy Schoeman will also join us as a speaker.

For more information visit or call Suzanne at 800-727-1999 extension 121. There are only a few seats left and NOW that Fr. Mark is mentioning it on his show “Life on the Rock” — these last seats will fill up fast!

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