Nine Hearty Souls Join Me for a Run Around Jerusalem

by Steve Ray on October 16, 2009

Nine members of the Legatus group pilgrimage joined me today for a one-hour run around the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem. It was 90 degrees but we had a great time, got some good exercise and saw a lot of amazing things. What a great way to see a city! Watch the video.

Stay tuned for the Legatus pilgrimage for today. We visited the Mount of Olives, had Mass at Gethsemane, lunch, then toured Mount Zion — Dormition Abbey, the Upper Rome and Peter In Gallicantu (where Peter denied Jesus and where Jesus was imprisoned over Holy Thursday night).

After a few hours rest (when some of us went running together) we drove back into Bethlehem for a Passover Lamb dinner. This video will be up soon.


  • Gene Rover says:

    Thanks for the great tour around the city. Happy Birthday Amanda and Chris Caruso! Gene, Debbie, Brandon and the Boys (Blue and Red Caruso)

  • Sar says:

    Lookin good dad! Looked like you were running faster than ironman pace…

  • Kim Cafferty, says:

    Hi Steve and the whole Legatus gang.

    I heard from Mary Ann by phone today! She is aliveand well in Israel! You all are! God is Good. I am very impressed with the quality of your mini films of daily activity, being able to see where you have been and to see my girl there with you all….I really missed out by missing that plane!. Your tour seems so very well organized and the very experience of doing the stations of the cross at the real stations. How can one not be moved? What an experience. Oh well, Mary Ann has promised to bring me back in the future, one of the next go arounds!

    Legatus has already been a very great blessing to our family, even more so now. Carry on!

    Kim Cafferty

  • Jesse says:

    You were having way too much fun for one person…good thing 9 other people joined you.

  • Kelly Sullivan says:

    Hi Mom and Dad – we’ve been watching the blog everyday….I didn’t realize that I could comment until I just talked to Sarah and she told me how to do it!! The trip (and the food!!) looks amazing! P.J. says he wants to go to Israel to see you, and wants to know why you weren’t dancing at the dinner the other day :)! Mom, we could hear you laughing in the background on the blog from Wed., and the girls were saying “we can hear grandmom”. Dad, good job running around Jerusalem. Can’t wait to watch what you’re doing today. Have fun!

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