No Sirens, only Birds, Busy Streets and our Excited Pilgrims

by Steve Ray on September 2, 2014

Day Two is now complete. Full rich day with great weather and wonderful spiritual blessings (and great food too!)

Started early with a ride up Mount Tabor to have Mass at the site of the Transfiguration. Then to Cana to renew wedding vows and on to an authentic lunch in Nazareth with mezza salads, chicken skewers and beef kabobs.

The Church of the Annunciation is always a favorite, especially praying the First Joyful Mystery where the words were actually spoken! Then we visit the cave where the Holy Family lived and I gave my talk “A Day in the Life of the Holy Family.”

Swimming in the sea too….     Enjoy!



  • Tom Collier says:

    Keeping your team and your group in prayer. By now I am sure that lives have been transformed by walking in Christ’s footsteps.

    God bless you. Or more precisely, God bless “all you all”.


    STEVE RAY HERE: Tom, you are a great guy with a wonderful sense of humor.

  • As I am healing from a fractured heel bone in my left foot, I am following your pilgrimage from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I was on Steve Ray pilgrimage with with Scott Hahn in 2009 and this is bringing back blessed memories. Steve and Janet are the best. Blessings to all.

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