On My Bike from Jerusalem to Bethlehem and Back: Living the Bible in the Holy Land

by Steve Ray on December 3, 2013

On our last day in Jerusalem last week Janet suggested I ride my bike to Bethlehem which I did. Getting old you know, and I need to keep up my health with physical exercise.

But I am also have an insatiable curiosity and love adventure, discovery and doing things no one else would do 🙂

Bethlehem is surrounded by a 28 foot concrete wall with only a few “gates” or checkpoints.

Wasn’t sure how the Israeli soldiers would react to me riding my bike up to the gate along with the cars and buses. It was no sweat going in or out, in fact, I had a good time with the young soldiers. 

Click here to join the adventure with pictures, interactive map and videos

My American passport is worth gold in other countries and I can go places the locals cannot.

Interesting riding my bike thru the wall’s checkpoint. Had a good time visiting friends in Bethlehem and very familiar places where we take our pilgrims. Lots of hills here which insures a good cardiovascular workout.

Enjoyed visiting with the Palestinian Christians, many of them my friends for over ten years. Loved it! Enjoy the adventure!

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