On Our Way to a Wedding in Cana

by Steve Ray on August 30, 2010

Actually the wedding is in Nazareth, but that is only four miles away. Janet and I are going to the wedding of Nagum Shehadeh who is the beautiful daughter of our friend and local Catholic guide Amer.

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I will also be posting YouTube videos of this authentic Holy Land pilgrimage here on my blog at http://www.CatholicConvert.com/2010.

While there Janet and I will be renting a car, exploring new places, running new trails (like from Nazareth to Cana) and working on our next book for Ignatius Press. Keep us in your prayers.


  • Mike Sanders says:

    Marriage is a wonderful Sacrament with many challenges. You can never pray too much for married couples in this day and age. Here is a beautiful prayer for a newlywed couple:

    Dedication of Newly Married Couple to the Precious Blood

    Lord Jesus, (on this happy day) we thank you for the joy of (say grooms name) and (say brides name).

    Through all the years of their life you have watched over them to bring them together in holy Christian marriage.

    Now Lord, bless them, for they are united in love of you and of each other.

    Redeemed by your Precious Blood and strengthened by your grace, may they live in kindness and fidelity, in unfailing trust and love so that their whole life may be pleasing to you.

    Mary, who with Joseph made a happy home at Nazareth for Jesus, take these dear friends into your motherly care.

    You who showed concern for a newly married couple at Cana, help and guide (say grooms name) and (say brides name).

    May their union on earth lead to that eternal union in which all the blessed will be joined together, praising the Redeeming Blood of Jesus, the Lord.


  • Hello!

    It seems that you were able to schedule a CatholiC wedding at the Franciscan church in Cana of Galilee, Israel.

    My fiancee and I have spent hours trying to make contact to schedule our wedding there. We get no replies to our emails to that Church of the First Miracle. And the lodging places in Nazareth and in Cana do not reply.

    How did you manageto schedule a Catholic Wedding in Cana?? Plese tell us so that we can make travel plans. Your help will save us many hours of wasted effort!! Bless you!! — Rob Premo & Mattie Kissiah

    premoerob@prodigy.net KissiahM@GMail.com THANKS!!

    STEVE RAY HERE: You need a pilgrimage operator who has contacts. Can you join one of our groups. It is not easy to do on your own, maybe impossible. I have spent many hours arranging this thru friends and contacts in Israel.

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