Again Walking on Holy Ground; By the Way, What Makes Ground Holy?

by Steve Ray on April 21, 2013

We arrived early to set things up; our group arrives Monday!!!


20130418-100906.jpgAnd God said, “Remove the sandals from your feet, for the place where you stand is holy ground.”

Holy ground? What holy ground? This was a harsh wilderness. Vultures circled above during the day and hyenas prowled at night. There were no church steeples rising into the sky — no prophet or priests worshiping here. Moses was tending sheep among the rocks under the hot sun. Why take off his sandals in the rocky wilds?

While stepping over stones and weaving through scrubby plants, Moses had seen a burning bush — but that was not unusual.

What intrigued Moses was that the bush was engulfed in flame but it was not consumed. He turned aside to see this “great sight”. As he approached the fire God called out from the bush. God told Moses that he was standing on “holy ground.”

This was the wilderness of Sinai, far from the Promised Land to the north. For Moses this was a land of exile. How could such rugged ground be holy? What makes ground holy?

Yes, holy means sinless, but it also means “set apart”, consecrated or special. Rocks and dirt and desert scrub cannot be thought of as sinless so God must have meant the second definition of holy. This piece of land was somehow sacred, special or different from the dirt and rocks a few yards away. Why?

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