On our Way to Israel

by Steve Ray on November 7, 2008

We are on our way to Israel to lead Ignatius Press for their 30th Anniversary as a publishing company. It will be fun taking my friends on this trip. It is a way of saying THANKS for being my publisher and for sponsoring the Footprints of God DVD series which is now showing on EWTN.

Stay tuned — starting in a few days you will be able to join us right here on a Virtual Pilgrimage as I upload videos each night from the pilgrimage (technology-willing!) To see past Virtual Pilgrimages visit www.VirtualPilgrimages.com.

UPDATE: We are grounded in Detroit while waiting for an FAA “inspection” of many planes. We are not sure what is going on but three hours after we were supposed to fly, we are waiting still in the waiting room.

2ND UPDATE: We made it out of Detroit well after midnight — five hours past our original departure date. 75% of the passengers had left or booked on next-day flights so we had a delightfully spacious flight to Amsterdam to catch the second flight to Israel. Whew!


  • Richard Hill says:

    We will be joining you in Israel next week. We are very excited!! My question -should I bring a notebook computer to communicate with my family? Will we have access to the internet from our hotels? Thanks. See you in Israel!

  • Steve Ray says:

    There are limited computers in the hotel lobbies, at least three of the four hotels we will be using. I am not sure about the Knights Palace. If you bring a laptop, which many will, you should have access to the internet in the lobbies if not in your room.

  • Linda Hornung says:

    My dad is going on your trip to the Holy Land today, November 11. Are you joining them, too? I see that you are on another tour and couldn’t tell if you were going to meet up with this group.

    This is the only way to keep up with my dad and I saw where there was violence at one of the holy places yesterday. Any news there?

    God speed,
    Linda Hornung

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