Our 10th Pilgrimage of the Year – Holy Land!

by Steve Ray on December 29, 2022

Today we start our 10th pilgrimage of 2022. We’re certainly back in the air! After a trip to Italy, two to Germany, then Wisconsin, a St. Paul Mediterranean Cruise, and five to Israel. We are excited to be bringing pilgrims back to share our favorite places in the world.

This afternoon we picked up by our group of two buses as they arrive to go in pilgrimage through the lands of the Bible. This pilgrimage is entitled “Family Christmas Holy Land, Pilgrimage.“ We plan it for families to come over Christmas break when school is out. It has a powerful impact on young people.

We picked them up at the Tel Aviv Airport and drove two hours north to Tiberias right on the Sea of Galilee where we settled in for the night. A quick dinner and Mass and we got everyone to bed. Thanks for joining us. We have many exciting days ahead!

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