Our Agent, Corporate Travel Services, Explains the Nightmare of Travel over the Last Two Years

by Steve Ray on February 7, 2022

This is an excellent article published in the Legatus Magazine about our very own Catholic travel services provider. We have been using Corporate Travel Services (CTS) exclusively for over 15 years to handle all of our pilgrimages around the world. They are excellent!

The President, John Hale, is not only excellent at his business but a devout Catholic and a dear friend. Mark Slater has been my personal operations manager for our trips for over 15 years, along with the day-to-day manager Bridget Yurko.

But the last two years have been a nightmare. Many people who travel with us to the Holy Land, Italy-Rome, Poland, Ireland, Guadalupe, Lourdes & Fatima, St. Paul Mediterranean Cruise, and more don’t realize all that CTS does for us. Nor do they understand the nightmare they experienced and how it affects them — and us.

Use the arrows at the bottom left of the image to scroll pages 2 and 3.

CTS Legatus Article

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