Our Fun Day! Camels, Dead Sea Float, Jordan River, Jericho….

by Steve Ray on May 30, 2022

Fun final day! After Mass at the Notre Dame and the blessing of all our purchases, we descend to the lowest place on the face of the earth which is 1250 feet below sea. Our first stop is Qumran,

Next to the place where John the Baptist was baptizing in the Jordan River at the northern tip of the Dead Sea. He was only 2–3 miles from Qumran so and they certainly heard about Jesus.

We renew our baptism of vows and pray the 1st Luminous Mystery. Then to Jericho for the Hebron glass shop then to lunch at a Christian restaurant and a tour of the city seeing a Sycamore tree and the Mount of Temptation where the devil showed Jesus all the kingdoms of the earth.

Everyone goes for a float in the Dead Sea and we ride camels before heading back up to Jerusalem for dinner. Comments and farewells are in the next video.

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