Our Group's Hotel in Rome; Consecration of the World to Mary

by Steve Ray on October 10, 2013

Our Rome extension of 65 people for our St. Paul Pilgrimage-Cruise through the Mediterranean Sea will arrive on Monday. Janet and I arrived early to make sure everything is ready.

Janet and I will be present at St. Peter’s when the Statue of Our Lady of Fatima arrives from Portugal (where we were two weeks ago) and where Pope Francis will consecrate the world to Our Lady of Fatima. Stay tuned for videos and updates right here.

When our group arrives Monday here are some pictures of our hotel where we will all stay before heading to our cruise ship in Athens.





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  • The Technically Warn Bunch says:

    Greetings Steve and Janet! Looks wonderful! We hope to do this pilgrimage-cruise some day! I believe the Cunningham Clan is with you again. Do send our love to them and all the pilgrimages!

    The Technically Warn Clan (Brian, Renita, Colin, Audrey, Joseph “TJ”, and Isabel

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