Personal Letter from Jerusalem Patriarch Twal; What WE do on Pilgrimage

by Steve Ray on December 14, 2014

Since Christians are only 1.5% of the population in the Holy Land, don’t you think we should support them when we visit Israel? YES! If not, we fail to do our moral duty.

Right: Personal Letter from Patriarch Twal

Christians are leaving the land in droves due to lack of opportunity, persecution and tremendous pressure from both Jews and Muslims. They send their sons and daughters to the West for a better life.

Why do so many groups use Jewish guides, services, hotels, shops…and Muslim drivers and vendors, etc.?  Why not use Christians and support them? If we do not support the Christians, there will come a day when there may be none left.

We visit the Patriarchate on every trip – along with supporting the Christians in every other way.

Here is a letter from Patriarch Twal thanking us once again for our collections and donations.

Join us and help support our brothers and sisters in the Holy Land – and it IS safe, contrary to what you hear. Visit






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