PETRA! Check it off your Bucket List…

by Steve Ray on February 11, 2020

For many people, today is the BIG day! We arrived in the snow last night to Petra where we settled in to our comfortable Marriott Hotel. We could see Aaron‘s tomb on top of Mount Hor as we ate breakfast (Numbers 20:27-28). Then we took off for the exciting hour walk back through the deep trail carved through the rock to the ancient city of Petra. Pictures do not do this site any justice.

Lots of people rode Camels, we had some Bedouin tea, enjoyed the site and hiked back out in time for lunch. Then we drove back north to Amman where we had Mass at one of my favorite churches because of the artwork. It’s called Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church. You’ll see in the video why I love this church with all its images from the Holy Land and the Bible (homily here).

We drove down to the Dead Sea and stayed at a beautiful Marriott resort.

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