100’s of Pictures from our Rome, Israel & Egypt Pilgrimages

by Steve Ray on November 27, 2007

We always have excellent photographers on our pilgrimages. Check below and see what I mean.

October 2007 Pilgrimage to Rome & Assisi
– Over 400 pictures by Suzanne Slupesky here and
– Over 300 pictures by the Mikelonis family here and here and here
– Pictures with maps and details descriptions by the Wilcox's here
– Photo Album with Spanish comments from Marijosie Ortiz here

March 2007 Pilgrimage to Israel
Pictures by Patricia
– Pictures here and here by Amber
Pictures by Fr. Andrew Bloomfield

September 2007 Pilgrimage to Israel and Egypt
– Over 600 pictures by Diana and Annie

November 2007 CSS Pilgrimage to Israel
Mary Blanton's Photo Album here

Steve's Photo Albums are here.
Virtual video Pilgrimages, click
For our Pilgrimage website
, click here

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