Pilgrimage Day 5 Part I: Bethlehem

by Steve Ray on May 22, 2009

Today we visited Bethlehem. I divided today into two videos — Bethlehem and Mass later at St. Stephens


Part I: Bethlehem

Part II: Mass at St. Stephens where St. Stephen was martyred and where we are first introduced to St. Paul in the New Testament. We then walk through Jerusalem and watch the dancing celebration of the Jews for “Jerusalem Day.”

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  • “Joyful Greetings Steve & Karen Timm & Joyce Kissel” Wow I loved the talk about David guarding the sheep in the cave and how Jesus does the same for us His sheep. What a powerful image that is. I spotted Joyce walking into the Nativity where Jesus was born. The joyful smile on her face expressed the excitement and wonderful time I know you three are having. You will surely do the best on my next Bible Study Quiz :o} …. God’s Joyful Blessings Linda

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