Pilgrimage Day 4: Cana, Nazareth & drive to Jerusalem

by Steve Ray on October 16, 2010

Great day! All is well and everyone is having a great time.


  • Christine & Andy Mayle says:

    Olinda and Terry— the videos of your pilgrimage are the highlight of our day. what an amazing journey and we love being able to follow your steps on a daily basis!! It is so cool just seeing the holy land in your videos; we can only imagine how incredible it is to be there in person. We love you and we’re praying for you and all of your fellow pilgrims as well. Andy, Christine, Matthew & Robert

  • andrew morgan and kiddos says:

    We are really enjoying watching your trip videos! Love you! Jenni and kids

  • Tom Houle says:

    Hello to Sharon & Bill D’Andrea! Happy Anniversary!
    Love Uncle Tom & Aunt Conni

  • Jim Houle says:

    hi mom hi dad i hope you have a good time in the Holy Lands you will have to tell me all about your trip

    love, Billy

  • Jim Houle says:

    S and B
    Mother and I have renewed our vows 4 or 5 times, from cruise ships to Amish wedding feasts, but never in Cana. What a wonderful experience that must have been. It was good the camera was at your back, Sharon, so we couldn’t see the tears that we were sure were there. There were tears in our eyes.
    Love Mom and Dad

  • Wendy Baldwin says:

    Sending hello and love to Billy and Sharon! Hope you and everyone else are having a wonderful time! Stay safe and can’t wait to see you back home and hear and see all the wonderful days you are having!

  • Donna Long says:

    Mom and Dad, it was incredible to see you renewing your vows in Cana! We are enjoying following the daily posts of your travels. Give Aunt Regina and Stella hugs for us. Prayers for a continued safe trip…we love you…The Long Family

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