Pilgrimage: Galilee to Jericho

by Steve Ray on May 13, 2009

By default the videos post as private. I forgot to make this one public yesterday. Sorry. I fixed it.


  • Sara Halcomb says:

    Hi guys. Finally home from work so can send you a message. Daddy, were you VERY quiet and heard the fish laughing? Noticed you both in the food line so we know you’re not living on breakfast bars. Saw on the news this morning about a group of twentysomethings on a similar journey…but they were riding bikes. Be sure to wave at them as the bus goes by. :)Did I see Dick assisting with mass on one of the videos? Can’t wait for todays video. Can’t even imagine what you-all are experiencing. We love you!!

  • Lynne Leeson says:

    we are loving the videos! it all looks wonderful.
    hello to maria evans! we love you and can’t wait to hear all about it. 🙂
    james, lynne, riley, parker and emily

  • Lynne Leeson says:

    for some reason i can’t play this jericho blog–had no trouble viewing the previous ones. this says i need to accept a friend request?

  • Shannon Klos says:

    I would like to watch the latest clip from the trip to Israel. My parents, Dick and Pat Berberet, are on the trip. It is telling me it is a private video and I need to “accept” the senders invite. I have been able to watch the previous videos without a problem. How do I get an invite so I can continue to follow along on the journey?
    Thank you-
    Shannon Klos

  • Alice says:

    Looking forward to the trip next week. Please make sure the Pope blesses the Rosary Beads. Sincerely, Alice Kosanke

  • Becky Munson says:

    Hey, Dad, you mentioned that you got within 25 feet of the Pope today. I’m trying
    to find his blog to see if he mentioned getting within 25 feet of you guys! I tried to watch today’s video, but the blog said that it was a private video and that you had to accept the sender’s friend request. I wasn’t sure how to do that. Thanks for “using” your friends to send us updates.
    Love you guys,

  • Alice says:


    From one Alice to another, looking forward to meeting you next week.

    The blog is wonderful. Thank you, Steve and Janet.

    Alice Steigerwald
    Pittsburgh, PA

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