Pilgrims Running Around the Old City

by Steve Ray on November 22, 2009

We took off about 1 PM and ran around the city walls. What a great way to see the city of Jerusalem!

Join us virtually on our run and see all eight gates to the city. We started at the New Gate and then ran subsequently around these in order: Jaffa, Zion, Dung, Golden, St. Stephens, Herod and lastly Damascus before arriving again at our hotel at the New Gate.

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  • Gail Buckley says:

    Steve, I just picked up Fr. Mark at the airport – (I’ll mention here that sadly I had to leave the pilgrimage half way through and come home because my husband was hospitalized with a heart problem but he’s fine now, thanks be to God!) Anyway, I just took Fr. Mark home and he was so pleased with the pilgrimage. It was his first pilgrimage to the Holy Land and he loved it. He mentioned how perfect the weather was and it was! And how little time that our group had to wait in lines (because you have so much experience and know how to get us there and in at the right times!!) He was so pleased as was I for the time that I spent there and the time that I went previously. As I’ve said many, many times, there is no one better to go to the Holy Land with than Steve and Janet Ray. Absolutely the BEST!!! I would love to go to the May pilgrimage to Rome and the Shroud exhibit as I am so interested in the Holy Shroud and also next November on the cruise. I may not make the May trip but maybe the cruise?? We’ll see. I love you Steve and Janet and you’re the best. Now get Corinthians written for CSS and all will be perfect! Blessed Thanksgiving!! Gail

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