Poland 2: Niepokolanow & Warsaw

by Steve Ray on August 23, 2019

After a good night’s sleep everyone is feeling pretty good today and well rested. We start the day by driving to the “City of the Immaculata“ which was founded by Saint Maximilian Kolbe  and the name of it in Polish is Niepokolanow.

It was a beautiful drive for about one hour and when we arrived we started with Mass (homily here) before taking a tour of the site and a lot of history about St. Maximilian.

We came back to Old Town Warsaw  where everyone had two hours to eat lunch and shop and enjoy the city center.  Everybody had time to find nice cafés for lunch and see the sights of Warsaw. Then we toured the city and churches. Also the Warsaw Ghetto where Jews were mercilessly contained under the Nazis and a lot of history related to World War II and the Soviets.

Then back to the hotel. From there we walked through the Royal Gardens and ate at the exquisite Belvedere Restaurant.

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