Poland 6: St. JP II Center; Divine Mercy Center; Tour of Krakow

by Steve Ray on August 27, 2019

The last time we were here the new St John Paul II Center was still under construction, though still spectacular. Today we saw the finished product and it was stunning and everyone enjoyed it. In the center of the huge sanctuary is a vial of the Pope’s blood.

A short drive to the Divine Mercy Convent and Basilica. Here we had a talk from one of the Sisters, Mass at the basilica in front of the bones of St. Faustina. We prayed the Divine Mercy Litany during Mass (homily here). Then time to enjoy the church, lunch, shopping for religious items and to walk the grounds.   It was also great to learn more about St Faustina and learn about her life and where she lived.

Then to downtown old city Krakow for a tour of the churches and all the sites, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Everyone scattered in the later afternoon and evening to enjoy the many wonderful cafés and restaurants in the old city and out in the huge square and open-air markets. Some went to the Chopin concert.

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