Poland 8: Market Square & Wieliczka Salt Mine

by Steve Ray on August 29, 2019

Today has two videos: our full day and,second posted soon as Part 2 with comments from Al and Sally Kresta, our final extraordinary dinner along with Comments and Farewells.

A free morning for everyone to enjoy crack off and the 13th century caps on market Square which is one of the oldest and largest squares in Europe. Everyone got their last minute shopping done, enjoy the culture and ambience of crack off Poland and found a place for lunch before we headed to the salt mines.

The Wieliczka Salt Mines that we saw were being mined as early as the 13th century. We went more than 400 feet underground and walked almost 2 miles along the corridors and up and down 300 steps. But it was certainly well worth it. This is an underground world made of salt with four chapels, statues of John Paul II, carvings of the last supper in the salt walls and so much more. What an experience!

From there we had Mass at St. Ann’s Church (homily here) and then dinner at Wierzynek Restaurant, the oldest restaurant in Poland and arguably the best.

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