Praying 7 Mysteries of the Rosary on Location in 1 Day!

by Steve Ray on February 4, 2013

Mount of Olives — Jesus walked here, prayed here, taught his disciples to pray here and he sweat blood here. We had Mass at Gethsemane where the sins of the world fell on the holy, holy, holy Son of God. The real pain of the passion happened here. One Mystery here.

Caves have great significance here. The disciples learned the Our Father in a cave. Jesus also ascended to heaven from the same place. One Mystery here too.

The Palm Sunday Road. We walked it and imagined Jesus with us overlooking Jerusalem with tears in his eyes. Lunch at a Jewish kibbutz, not as exciting as walking in the footprints of Our Lord.

Mount Zion required four Mysteries of us. Two at the Church of Mary’s dormition and two in the Upper Room. Here the birthday of the Church took place, three sacraments were instituted and the Holy Spirit fell on the disciples in the Upper Room.

We heard a rooster crow (well, kind of) as we visited the place Peter denied his Lord and where Jesus was lowered into a cistern prison over Holy Thursday night. We read Psalm 88 in the dungeon.

Then, Steve (me) gave a 25 minute overview of Salvation History from Adam and Eve until today. We did it with the whole panorama laid out before our eyes. The only view of Jerusalem that could be better would be from a helicopter.

Then to the Visitation where we saw Mary and the Ark of the New Covenant, Mother of the Church and the Mother of God.

After that, free time for group discussion before dinner and a free evening. Wow!


  • Rita & Dave Dryden says:

    Jean & Larry,
    We saw a lot of you in these two videos of the 7 Mysteries. It is obvious that you are having a grest time and, I am sure, learning a lot. We are also learning a bunch!
    It sure must be moving and humbling to walk in the same places where Jesus actually walked. Continue to have a great pilgrimage! Love ya.
    Rita & Dave

  • Mary says:

    The beauty and wonder of the footprints of God never seems to end. Each new day, for you, appears to be more special than the last. Mom and Dad it is fabulous that I get to see you every day. You look fantastic and happy and ‘enlightened’ for a lack of a better word. This journey has been a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore your faith and find inner peace. To steal a word from Steve Ray, I love you ‘Infinite” and even though I can’t be at the airport waiting for you, I look forward to seeing you Wednesday and hearing more of what you have experienced, seen and felt. Love you both. Mary

  • Anne Cnockaert says:

    To Mary Cnockaert from Anne, Susan, & Nisha – we’re so excited to see that you finally made it to Gethsemane. It will probably be hard to top other trips after this one. We wish you and all the other pilgrims a safe journey back to the U.S. and look forward to hearing about your adventures! God bless!

  • Rob Howell says:

    Hi Mom and Dad,
    I just wanted to send you guys a shout out so that you can hear from us while driving to your next amazing destination. We really have enjoyed watching the videos of your trip. I think that being able to see what you guys did for the day, and video of you, is probably the coolest idea I have ever heard of for a pilgrimage. Steve is doing an amazing job of quickly editing and putting together the shows every day and to be able to get it uploaded for the rest of us to see that same day is such a huge undertaking. We are only behind by 1 day, but if the kids get their chores and homework done early on Tuesday, we plan on catching up. As soon as we turn on the tv and the whole family gathers on the couch, Lucy instantly points to the screen and says “papa” and “mama”. Even on the 8th day, the kids get excited to see you guys and see who can be the first to point you out. (But Crystal seems to find a way to find g-pa’s head the fastest most often 🙂 We love you guys very much, and are so happy that you were able to see the land that Jesus roamed. Every day is filled with something that we have all read about in the Bible and to see that you guys are there is just amazing. We pray for a safe flight home and we all can’t wait to see you for Sunday dinner. So, what are we having? j/k

    Rob, Crystal, Caitlin, Claire, Trip, Sophia, Ella and Lucy

  • Jeanine Skendzel says:

    Hi Mom and Dad,
    Looks like you had another great day. I’ve enjoyed following you! I look forward to talking with you soon! Love you!

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