Rome Pilgrimage Day 3: Assisi and Orvieto

by Steve Ray on June 13, 2013

Italy is beautiful – bella! Today we left the hustle and bustle of Rome and headed out to the countryside. One bus went to Orvieto with Teresa Tomeo, Janet Morana and new priest Fr. Casey. Orvieto is home to an amazing Eucharistic miracle. 

The other two buses, with me included, along with Fr. Pavone and Fr. Cory, went to Assisi. That is why the video shows a lot of Assisi and none of Orvieto. Sorry, but I could not make videos in both places simultaneously 🙂

Again the weather is spectacular, the food delectable, the countryside gorgeous, the company delightful and the experience deeply spiritual. Fr. Pavone’s homilies have been nothing short of profound. 

Fr. Pavone’s has no problem brilliantly tying his homilies to the local site and church. Today he wove the story of St. Francis into his homily on life. To listen, click here: Pavone 6-13.

Today I gave my conversion story on the two buses going to Assisi, Teresa and Janet Morana taped shows for EWTN and it was a day full of adventure. Enjoy.


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