Safe in Israel Despite Current News

by Steve Ray on November 12, 2019

We have 152 Pilgrim who will be boarding planes and heading to Tel Aviv to join us in two days. Janet and I are currently in Jerusalem. We see and hear all the news like you do back home. Missiles flying everywhere!

However, this is a gross exaggeration and it is not in anyway unsafe to come to Israel and to go on the pilgrimage route. We are here and can testify to that as well as all of our agents and friends who know this land like their backyard. Life here is the same old, same old.

We are very familiar with the cycles of short range rockets shot from Gaza near the Egyptian border. Over and over again we’ve encouraged our pilgrims to come but never has there ever been a problem in the last 15 years we’ve been doing this with thousands and thousands of pilgrims.

The areas that are being affected are outlying areas far to the south near Gaza which have nothing to do with us. We would never ever take anyone into harm’s way. You can trust us and come and enjoy the land of Jesus and Mary without fear.

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