Safe, Quiet, Beautiful and Deeply Spiritual: Join us in the Holy Land over Christmas Break!

by Steve Ray on September 29, 2014

“Safe?”  Yup! “But what about Gaza and ISIS?”

Gaza is quiet and ISIS has nothing to do with Israel. Israel is quiet, safe and inviting. Even all the bishops of the Holy Land said last week, “that pilgrims return without fear to the Holy Land. In fact, the pilgrims’ itinerary was always and is still very secure. – See more here.

We just returned with 55 excited pilgrims ten days ago and they all thanked us for not canceling the trip. We leave with another 45 in ten days. We hope you can join us over Christmas break or our upcoming February trip.

We have a delightful one-bus group going over the Christmas break. We leave on December 26 (so you can enjoy Christmas day with your family) and return Sunday, January 4 in time for school or work on Monday. Enjoy the Christmas season where it all happened. 

Mass at the Tomb of Christ, prayer at the Rock of Gethsemane, boat ride on Galilee, camel rides in the desert, meet the Bishop of Jerusalem and some of the best meals you’ve ever eaten.

Let Janet and I guide you through the most holy places in the world! Call Suzanne at 800-727-1999, 121 or write her at

Safe to go? See what these pilgrims say:

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