Safe to Travel to Isael??

by Steve Ray on July 7, 2005

Since we travel to Israel 2-4 times a year — visiting, exploring, filming and taking pilgrims on tours — I often get asked:  “Is it safe to travel to Israel?”

First I answer with a question: “Is it safe to travel to Oklahoma City, to Detroit (“Murder Capital of the Word“), to LA or to New York (9/11)?”  More people were killed on 9/11 than have been killed in Israel through the whole Intifada! And after the 4 bombs that blew up in London today, I ask “Is it safe to travel to London?”

Then I give my real answer “Yes, it is safe to travel to Israel” and you can click here to read my review of why it is safe to travel to Israel. Click here to see the brochures for our 2006 Pilgrimages.

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