Safety in Israel

by Steve Ray on June 3, 2010

For the 116 pilgrims flying to Israel to join us tomorrow, and for their families and friends, do not worry — despite what you hear on the news.

We are here in Jerusalem and all is quiet and business as usual.

We anticipate no problems and expect a profoundly spiritual, safe and blesses time together exploring and praying at the Holy Sites!

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  • Benita Patuel says:

    I am Dianita’s mom and wondering about her & Jim Lackey since I have not seen any recent blogs or pictures/videos.

    Don’t know if you are aware, but they were hoping to marry in the Holy Land and left totally prepared w/paperwork, etc. Do you know the status of this happening during this awesome trip. I need to know because some family members from Lubbock, San Antonio & McAllen are wanting to travel to welcome the happy couple, but I do not wish to make them travel all the way to Dallas if they are not married. Is there any way you can inform me in case they have opened up to you in regards to what the Lord has made known to them? Thanking you, in advance, Benita Patuel

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