Saginaw Pilgrims Arrive in the Holy Land

by Steve Ray on February 28, 2013

(If you leave comments below I’ll read them to your family and friends each day on the buses. Mention who you are writing the comments to 🙂

Everything went smooth with arrivals and as we begin our first day. It couldn’t have gone better. All three airlines came in on time and the buses pulled out of the airport right on schedule.

After our ride up to Galilee we had dinner all prepared at our Kibbutz hotel right on the shores of Galilee. Now everyone is heading to bed and some are having a drink or walking down to the sea of Galilee.

This video will give you an idea of how everything went on our first day.

Thanks to Bishop Cistone for bringing his diocese and for trusting us to guide them. This is a grand celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Saginaw Diocese.

By the way, a point of interesting trivia: the Diocese of Saginaw Michigan is 7,000 square miles; all of Israel is only 8,000 square miles!





  • Chuck Weber says:

    To Canice and John Treangen (pronounced “tree-on-gun”) from Midland (Diocese of Saginaw), no worries please. Enjoy your time together and open your minds to God’s will. We are praying for you. Mom & Dad, Chuck & Cindy and the Wichita Webers.

    To Pat & Jim Kastens, from Wichita, KS…we hope you got substitutes for working your shifts at the Lord’s Diner this Friday! Just teasing. We are praying for you as well.

  • Julie Burns says:

    Hi Mom and Joe LaPorte…..Hope you had a wonderful flight. We’ll be thinking of you and praying for you while you are gone. Carly and Liam miss you!!!! Have fun. Julie

  • Cathy MacDougall says:

    Message to Anand: Welcome to the Holy Land, and God bless you and all the pilgrims.

  • Deanna Hasler says:

    Regina Hasler, love and blessings to you and your group on your pilgrammage. So thrilled for you all.

  • Trina Scott says:

    Sending our love and well wishes to all traveling with you on this amazing journey, especially toward Alan and Rosetta Lanczynski. Please send them our love- We will continue to keep all of your travelers in our daily prayers. We pray that this journey in the Holy Land will touch each individual in a way that only strengthens their love for Christ and His way of life. Our daily prayers will include your group’s safety, enjoyment, and enrichment on their journey!
    Love in Christ-

  • Phillip orozco says:

    Hi mom Lucy orozco just wanted to say how amazing it must b to witness the land on which our lord walked on just thinking about it makes me smile and have joy in my heart for everyone there enjoy each day and may god bless each one of you love u

  • Barb says:

    Hey Dad, Glad your flights went well. We will be thinking of you as you travel through the holy land.
    Love and prayers, Barb & Jerry and family

  • Jan Katt says:

    Glad you made it out through our snows, Annette and Bill,….and arrived safely! Enjoy! God be with you…….Enjoy!

  • Hey mom Margaret & Tia Lucy, Wanted to wish you all a great time! No worries just enjoy yourselves. This is a once in a lifetime trip. Love you and God Bless. Praying for everyones safe return. I can’t wait to see the pictures and videos.
    P.S. Kisses from Bella…

  • Ariana Doan says:

    Hi grandma Annette miss you! Hope your enjoying your trip

  • Teresa Brown says:

    Hi Mom (Lucy Orozco) & Tia Margie (Margaret Olvera), Thanking God for his traveling mercies and getting you there safely. We saw you on video and you still both had the same smile as when you left Saginaw, Ty and I just want you to take in every moment of this journey, rest in Him! The same miracles that took place over 2000 years ago can still happen while you both are there, receive His healing, peace and love. Love Ty & Teresa

  • Becky Elzinga says:

    To Chuck and Gloria Staroska, praying for you to have a safe trip.

  • Megan says:

    Hi Mom (Rosanne McGown)! Hope you’re having fun and enjoying this wonderful experience. Hi to Connie and Tom, too.
    Love and miss you, Megan

  • Hello to the Bishop, Father Don, and Father Richard…..know that the Sisters are keeping you in thought and prayer. Did you remember us at the Church of the Annunciation? We are following your schedule. Have a wonderful trip and enjoy every moment of grace, to walk where Jesus walked!! Love to you! The Sisters

  • Jill Nieman says:

    Hello Mom (lou Tithof ) and Terry (Humpula),
    I’m glad to hear the flights went well. Hope you are having an amazing time. Everything is fine here.
    Love ya,

  • Jeanette Rudy says:

    Hi mom (Maryellen) and Dick! Glad to hear that you made it to the Holy Land Hope you are enjoying your trip so far. Cannot wait to see pictures of this beautiful area. Enjoy your time there. Love you! Thank you Steve for relaying this message!

  • Jenny says:

    Chuck & Glo, so great to see you made it safely! Love you, Jenny (from Phoenix)

  • Mary Schneider says:

    Hi Mom (Lou Tithof) and sister (Terry Humpula) –
    Following your trip – glad everything has gone well so far.
    Enjoy your time in the Holy Land! Be safe and can’t wait to see you both in May!
    Love ya,

  • Yolanda Collier says:

    Hi Tia Lucy and Tia Margie,
    Sending love, prayers and hugs from Michigan. These videos are great. I am showing my Mom and Dad and we are all enjoying the footage. Enjoy it all, wish I was there! Pray for us.
    I love you both,

  • Scot & Alana Millard says:

    we are sending our love to Alan and Rose Lanczynski! We miss you very much. We watched both videos and we were very happy to see your smiling faces:) enjoy your journey, your in our thoughts and prayers daily:) love your children, Alana & Scot

  • Alana Rose Millard says:

    Hi mom and dad, Rose and Alan Lanczynski! We love and miss you very much! It was so wonderful to see your smiling faces & also the renewal of your vows. It was very moving:) enjoy your journey and be safe.
    Love Alana and Scot Millard

  • Jackie Kolesar says:

    Hello John and Lorraine,
    Your sisters and husbands are all wishing you well. We watched your video and were impressed! We ant wait to hear about your trip.

  • Mary Latarte says:

    Hello don and Joyce zolinski and don Sienko
    It looks like you are having a wonderful time We are following you on U tube Keep safe and we will keep everyone in our prayers P.S. The Indians and K of C poker guys miss you!

  • Mark, Sue, Elizabeth & Dow Huggett says:

    Hello Wallace & Sharon Huggett
    Mom, Dad & Laura glad you arrive safely, things are good at home. Enjoy your trip over there in the holy land and your deeper spritual growth and appreciation. Bring more personal depth and demension to the readings in the Bible. Shared this link with the Ohioians and the Florida gang. God Bless You. We love you!!!
    Mark, Sue, Elizabeth & Dow

  • Grandma Siemen and Kay says:

    To Chuck and Gloria Staroska, you look awesome on camera. Enjoy your trip.

  • JoAnn Reeves & Marie says:

    To: Deacon Al Oliver

    Ir sounds like your trip is going awesome. Enjoy, be safe and know we are praying for you each day.

  • Steve,Barb and Family says:

    Mom and Dick You look great on the camera. Hope you are having a good time and continue to pray for us. Say Hi to the Bishop for us See you in a few days Love Steve,Barb, and Kids

  • Wendy Shields says:

    Hi Tana, Chuck, Aunt Joan and Sandy and all of our Blessed Sacrament Friends,
    Hope you are all having a wonderful trip! From the videos we have seen it looks amazing! We are thinking of you all and wishing you a safe trip home in a few days!

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