Samaria, Jacob’s Well, Sebaste, Joppa and David & Goliath

by Steve Ray on February 16, 2020

Today was one of the more interesting days in our Holy Land 2 Pilgrimage. We crossed into the Palestinian West Bank and switched buses for issues of safety. It was a little tense but we judged it safe and were blessed by our decision with an amazing incursion into the West Bank.  We drove to Jacob’s Well and drank water from the same well that Jesus received a drink in John 4. This well was dug by Jacob 4,000 years ago.

Back to Sebaste for a delectable lunch of Samarian specialties with an enthusiastic and excited host. Then we tour the ancient site with the Ivory Palace of the wicked King Ahab and Queen Jezebel. Sebaste also was the original Tomb of Elisha the Prophet and John the Baptist, and early church is dedicated to John the Baptist including one from Queen Helen in the fourth century.

Then to Elah Valley where David killed Goliath. We walked out into the valley between the two mountains that one time had the armies of Israel and the Philistines yelling back-and-forth across to each other. It was here that Goliath challenge the armies of Israel. My grandchildren made very nice slings for all the pilgrims and we went to the same brook where David picked up the five smooth stones and we all had a great time practicing slinging stones out in the valley just like David did. I read – Samuel 17.

We then drove about an hour into Jerusalem and arrived at the Notre Dame Center where we had dinner and our Sunday Mass (homily here), and got to bed early for another busy day tomorrow.

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