Spirituality of Young Pilgrims

by Steve Ray on May 23, 2010

P1020217Here is a picture of young Jacob Gallucci with his sister Adriana who were a lot of fun on our trip.

Click on any image for larger picture.

P1020281You can see Jacob’s picture drawing of St. MIchael to the right.

And here is a prayer written along the way by James Toups (left in picture below with his brother Brian):

Blessed Trinity, most holy mystery,
Send down your heavenly fire to bathe me in the warmth of your love.

Let my actions be only to glorify your wishes;
And my imagination only to entertain

P1010608The perfect eternity I wish to spend with you;
Bowed before your throne in reverance.

Clothed in your majesty, overflowing with your grace,
And only alive because of your love.

Because of your divine example I wish only to serve you,
Despite any hardship until I am finally home.


  • Laurie says:

    Glad to see the picture of the Toups boys made it to your website – they are amazing young men, aren’t they? Thanks for all of the blogging and videos from your pilgrimage and helping us to travel along with our friends, Vincent, Deedi, Brian and James. It’s been wonderful seeing all that you have been able to experiences.

  • I love the prayer, Jay, and I love you all! It’s so great to be able to join y’all on your pilgrimage … we wish we were there! Give a hug to your Mom and Dad and Brian for me! By the way, Jacob is wondering why he can’t go to Auntie Dee’s house … but he loves seeing you all on the blog. He keeps saying, “Let’s be friends!”

  • Jacob Gallucci says:

    Hey thats my picture heheheh

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